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Fence Posts


Fence poles provide adequate stiffness and stability of the fence. Normally made of steel profiles 60 x 40 mm. We also fabricate posts of any height, giving the possibility to install a fence with a height of up to 6m.

Our fence posts have various kinds of mount - depending on the customer's request: blind rivet nut with termination bar, screw hook, mounting brackets and more.

Bars can be freely configured to ordered panels. Just as panels, they are protected against corrosion by
hot-dip zinc coating and / or powder coating. Each post sold by us contains a complete hardware needed to mount the panel. 



we offer a wide range of designs, we also provide all kinds of shapes according to the customer’s wishes


the Bedo Company products are characterized by a striking design and ,thanks to the high quality powder coating, vivid colour depth


hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating ensures long durability of our structures