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Residential Fencing

The BEDO Company offers a variety of designs, shapes and colours for all fences. This gives you endless possibilities of creating the environment around your house. Our fence will complement the architecture of the building and will be a great decoration of the area. 

Fences are made from solid bar sections: 12x12mm, 14x14mm or closed steel sections. 

When determining the type of a fence, we adjust the gate, the wicket and, if the customer wishes, railings. The whole fencing closes with the same style and design. 

Of the many options available you can choose a simple, concave or convex fence line, segments in the closed structure, interesting shaped iron finials, pillars completed with a small pyramid, sphere or any other shape.

The plasticity of the material allows us to create various patternsaccording to client instructions. Helping to create the perfect design we offer a wide range of exemplary performaces. 

Installation kits are adapted to different types of posts: steel, stone or clinker. 

You can also use the existing wall by screwing on steel posts. We provide excellent surface protection by hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating



we have a wide range of steel structures designs. We also make all kinds of shapes according to the customer’s wishes. This gives unlimited possibilities of decoration


the Bedo Company products are characterized by a striking design and ,thanks to the high quality powder coating, vivid colour depth


hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating ensures long durability of our structures