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Fences for sports facilities


Sports fencing systems are usually very high and intended for catching a ball (football backstops).


We make fences for:


  • sports fields
  • multifunctional sports fields ORLIK 2012
  • playgrounds
  • segregated cycle facilities
  • tennis courts


Fences are 3 to 6 metres high above the ground level. They are made of IPE beams (I‑beams of different sizes).


Optionally, we use post made of rectangular sections with a pressure strip or round posts stiffened with a guiding bolt in the upper part of the fence.


With the use of special fixings, the space between the posts is filled with welded panels or reinforced panels (wire thickness 8+6+8) as the load acting on a post is much higher than ordinary fences load.


We also use chain link fences with meshes of different sizes. The structure is hot-dip galvanised or powder coated (RAL colour standard).


height of sports fences

- 3 to 6 metres


In sports facilities, we use thick and strong steel structures.


Hot-dip galvanising and powder coating process protect fences against corrosion.