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Garage Doors


Garage doors are designed for demanding users. They are made of corrosion-resistant materials. They have a low heat transfer coefficient.


We offer garage doors of, among others, Wiśniowski, Nice and Fart Produkt.

Safety of use is ensured by finger trap protection panel, overload switch, safety brakes and photocells.


The offer covers a variety of designs and infill systems as well as wood-like colours, such as golden oak and mahogany.

Accessories include automation system, glazing with various glass patterns, ventilation grilles and wicket doors.

We offer doors with the following dimensions:

width: 5000 mm, height: 3000 mm



They make full use of the entrance and the inside, and take up no space in front of the garage.


Foam-filled steel panels 60 mm thick ensure the best thermal and acoustic insulation.


Doors are equipped with automation and remote control systems ensuring convenient operation.