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Offer of the plant


Powder coating

Powder coating is a modern technology, which consists in applying powder coating spray on the object.

Thanks to its physical properties, the powder adheres to the coated surface without leaving any stains and bulges. The elements treated with the use of this technology are highly corrosion resistant and look impressive for a long time.


Offer of the plant

Bedo offers powder coating of the following elements:


gates, grilles, fences, doors and other metal elements.


Our plant is located near Świdnica in Bystrzyca Górna 71c, Cynkownia Galess.


We invite private persons and companies producing metal elements to try our services.


maximum dimensions

of coated materials

- 10 m in length

- 2.5 m in height

- 1.5 m in width

powder coating stages

- washing in a washing cabin

- powder spraying in a chamber

- burning off in an oven