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Waste boxes


Modular waste boxes are practical, functional

and large-capacity containers for waste storage.


A box of 4x5 m is equipped with two gates

0.9 m and 1.6 m wide.


Modular construction, made of 40x40x2 profiles

and 60x60x2 gate posts, 50x200 grid mesh panel

(mesh: 50x200, wire: 2 x Φ6 and Φ5).


The construction is stainless (hot-dip galvanised).


Gates are equipped with locks and stainless steel accessories.

They can be installed on a gap filling concrete, with anchors or on a point foundation. All elements necessary for installation are included in the price of the box. It is possible to make a box in any size.


no uncontrolled dumping

Waste boxes are lockable.


The box is equipped with two gates:

the small one for storage and the big one for disposal.


Robust, stainless steel construction.